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Facebook-style Micropublisher: Link plugin

Notice: FBSL is no longer maintained, you should use Facebook-style Micropublisher (FBSMP), a better solution for statuses with attachments (link, photo, video, etc) which integrates with Views, Rules, Heartbeat, Appbar and more.

Facebook-style Links (FBSL) provides the ability for users to attach and submit links along with their Facebook-style Statuses. Combined with Facebook-style Statuses (FBSS), the FBSL module provides an attach link form that loads via AHAH. Users can then attach a link with an (optional) thumbnail, title and description to their status. In the nutshell, it imitates the link attachment feature on Facebook.

FBSL also provides token support for modules such as Activity 2.x. The themed image, title, description and status among other tokens are offered. The FBSS statuses which have a attached link, have their own separate Activity Publisher Templates.

FBSL can be used out of the box, though you can customize it from the settings page. All other information (installation, usage, and changelog) can be found inside the packaged module.


FBSS underwent a major API change on 5th April and FBSL 1.x does not support it. Do not open issues for such incompatibilities for FBSL 1.x.


Thomas Cermak (LondonFuse)

Note This module is not affiliated to Facebook in any way.

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