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This module gives your site the ability of using Facebook's Comments Box social plugin, i.e. comments on your site powered by Facebook. It provides an easy way to configure Facebook Comments parameters (like theme, administrators, number of posts, node types to attach to) and then exposes the generated code as a block for you to insert into a region of your choice. This module is intended for anyone who wants to put Facebook Comments on their Drupal site in addition to or instead of Drupal comments from core.

This module was written as a Drupal 7 module, and back ported to Drupal 6 through a contribution from the community.


  • Provides an easy way to configure Facebook Comments social plugin, i.e. comments administrator, number of posts, width of comments, theme.
  • Select which node types comments appear on
  • Exposes a block that you can insert into a region of your choice
  • Generates meta properties in HEAD and appropriate DIVs for comments


No module requirements or dependencies.

You'll need to have at least one Facebook account that can be configured as the administrator.


A brief demo of the Facebook Comments Box is available on Vimeo.


Sponsored by TEN7 Interactive in Minneapolis.

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