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Facebook Album provides a simple block to display public Facebook Page Albums in a gallery and optionally in a Colorbox popup.

Only FB Pages will work with this module, not personal profile albums. Profile albums require that you use an authorized access token (this may eventually be integrated into the module, but not at this point).


  • Include/Exclude Albums
  • Limit Albums
  • Album Descriptions
  • Album Location
  • Album width/height
  • Photo width/height

Setup and installation:

  1. Create a facebook app:
  2. Enter your Facebook app ID and secret at the modules configuration page: /admin/config/services/facebook_album


Version 7.x-3.x is a rewrite and is not backwards compatible. It is recommended to uninstall/reinstall the module and setup your blocks again, though it should technically work without uninstalling and just setting up new blocks.

New to 3.x

  • Multiple Blocks with independent settings
  • Multiple Blocks on same page
  • Cached API responses
  • No more inline styles
  • Better resolution cover thumbnails

Colorbox (optional, but preferred)

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