This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

External Link Page is a very basic module that provides a content filter that redirects external links to a customizable page. This page informs the user that they are about to leave the site and then redirects them.

Who is this for?

You will want to use this module if:

  • You need to provide a message/page for any user that clicks on a link that will take them away from your site.


Currently, the redirection method is through HTML: http-equiv="refresh".

Similar Modules

The following modules could be helpful in conjunction with this one.

  • ExtLink: provides icons for all external links. The ExtLink module now provides similar functionality to this module, but with only Javascript.
  • External links filter: provides filter for external links
  • CCK Redirection: CCK field that will redirect to another page


I have had very little time to keep up with this module. I am very open to co-maintainers or combining with other modules.


  • 7.x: New features and bug fixes.
  • 6.x: Bug fixes only, no new features.
  • 5.x: Deprecated

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