This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The explorer project - being a Drupal 7 successor of the Nodereference Explorer module - aims at providing a universal entity selection utility, for nodes, users, taxonomy terms etc. The ambitions are high as it's supposed to be highly customizable and scale to a large number of entities. Here, I try to sketch the core features:

  • Use Views for content lists with multiple select-able items
  • Load the View into a JavaScript dialog overlay
  • Generic handling mechanism for selection, e. g. set node field value, write html snippet to the body etc.
  • Support arbitrary dialog APIs
  • Provide a strong API so that the explorer can be deployed in an arbitrary context, e. g. content, fields, taxonomy, WYSIWIG editors etc.

Currently, the migration is blocked due to a search of a proper dialog API in Drupal 7.

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