Expanding Formatter

What this module is:

This module provides a formatter for existing text, long text and text with summary widget types. This module allows you to change how the content is being display (formatted) by providing new format types:

Trimmed (expandable)
Summary or Trimmed (expandable)


  • jQuery 1.7+ (most use the jQuery Update module). If your theme implements it's own custom jQuery, make sure it's up to date for this to work.


  • CSS3 Transition effects (with jQuery fallback if disabled):
    • None (just toggle visibility immediately)
    • Fade
    • Slide
  • Customizable/themable ellipsis
  • Customizable labels for trigger (collapsible, if you need to create a toggle)
  • Customizable classes on trigger (defaults to button for use in Bartik and many other themes)

How to use this module:

Enable the module and go to your content type's display (/admin/structure/types/manage/page/display). You will see fields (like body) that you now have the ability to choose what is being displayed (probably default). You can now choose "Trimmed (expandable)", which will also give you options on the right to configure.

Project Information