The Exif module allows you to display Exif metadata on image nodes. Exif is a specification for the image file format used by digital cameras.

Roadmap (order by priority) for drupal 7 & 8 versions:

  • Work in Progress (current development in 1.x-dev versions):
    • automated test suite
    • Drush : tree folder import (import images in a folders and sub folders)
    • make vocabulary structure optional (flat vocabulary),
  • Followed by :

Drupal 8 version

The drupal 8 version is in progress. For now, version 8.x-1.0 behave the same as version 7.x-1.9 with some new features :

  • settings of module is fully migrated with two added features:
    • A new quick start page has been added to help user to create content related to exif photos in 2 clicks.
    • the settings summary are fully implemented
  • the exif readonly widget is migrated and evolved to show current values in forms. To have the same behavior as Drupal 7, you should choose the new exif hidden widget.
  • it support media_entity
  • add a widget to extract all metadata as a HTML table to get same functionality as Drupal 5 Version
  • add a widget where fields values are viewable in forms

Note that using media integration, you can not reference images from other sites (the image has to be local) which is not a limitation with node integration as the module is using stream wrappers.

Drupal 7 version

This version allow you to use metadata as text or as taxonomy terms to classify your images.
It is highly recommended to update to version 1.8 of the module

New features in stable releases :

Drupal 6 version

following drupal 6 end of life, the support of the drupal 6 version is ended.

rapsli was the maintainer of the Drupal 6 branch, a complete rewrite of the module to integrate with CCK. See #226703: Drupal 6 version for more infos and this version's current status.
Support for

  • exif
  • iptc
  • ifd0
  • File informations

About XMP and IPTC extensions

  • IPTC extensions are only available as XMP information. This include mostly non technical information like licensing and other extra informations (this include usage rights terms as an example).
  • XMP is not supported by PHP Exif library/extension. You have to use the exiftool solution. This is the reason the exiftool alternative implementation was created.
  • Before using the exiftool implementation, ensure that all your environments are able to run exiftool.

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