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Exchange Rate API is an extensible module that allow users to display and manage the exchange rate in countries from around the world.

Is common to see tools that present the official exchange rate, the problem is that each bank has his own rate, for this reason it is important to have a tool that can show the different variations across multiple financial institutions.


1. Install exchange module . i.e drush dl exchange_rate; drush en -y exchange_rate
2. Select what submodules by country do you want to enable i.e Costa Rica, Genosha , etc
3. Go to settings page admin/config/regional/exchange_rate to configure:

  • Currencies enabled per Country
  • Banks enabled per Country

4. Enable blocks per country modules enabled in step 2. Each block will present a table for each currency enabled in that specific country.

5. If you want to use the information stored in database in an external application, you must enable the module Exchange Rate Services and fetch the data via GET Method i.e:

costa_rica : country code
usd: currency code
2012-3-2: Date

How to extend exchange rate:

Exchange rate module is API to enable extend the logic to other countries. if you want to implement exchange_rate in your country to must follow this steps.

1. Genosha module is a sample located at exchange_rate/includes/genocha, you must copy this module and rename folder and files with the proper values for your country.
2. You must implement these hooks in your module:

  • hook_exchange_rate_country_info
  • hook_exchange_rate_name
  • hook_exchange_rate_cron
  • hook_cron calling hook_exchange_rate_cron (optional)

Now in your new module you can implement the necessary code to fetch the information from your local banks using the method you prefer i.e: SOAP, XML_RPC, REST, etc.


  • Create a mobile client to fetch service information.
  • Update logic in exchange_rate_chart to enable end users to select the time frame displayed within the chart and support many banks in same chart

This module is developed and maintained by:
Anexus IT

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