Events listing at /events once the feature has been enabled and some events have been created.

Here is an example of how to build a list of events with a calendar block that filters the listed events for a particular day in Drupal 7.

What does this feature do?

  • Checks that you have the required modules. Note: modules calendar, ctools, views and date should be in their latest development versions. Read this related issue for more details
  • Creates a content type Event with a date field (start and end date).
  • Creates a view /events that lists current events and accepts a date parameter in the URL in order to see events for a particular date.
  • Loads a clone of the Calendar view called Events calendar with the block display customized to highlight days where there are events.
  • Adds a bit of custom code so a day in the calendar block with events links to the events view appending the date (ie. /events/2011-08-18).

Step by step guide

In order to manually recreate what this feature does, follow the Step Guide.

Project Information