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Officially sponsored by the Eventbrite team.

The goal of the Eventbrite Drupal module is to enable deep integration with the Eventbrite API as a base module, allowing for seamless connections between Eventbrite and Drupal data around users, events, and more.

Eventbrite 2.x offers Drupal sites the ability to manage Eventbrite events from with
Drupal. Site builders can create and edit events as well as other Eventbrite entities
such as venues, tickets, payment settings and organizers. CCK serves as the bridge
to the Eventbrite API. There is an event field that can be attached to nodes.

This module also offers integration with Organic Groups. Each group may be associated
with a sub-user of the site's primary Eventbrite account.

The base module exposes an API for other modules to call.

For an idea of the data that is available, see the Eventbrite API docs »

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