The Evanced Events Importer module integrates features from Evanced Solutions' Events calendar product in to your Drupal site.

This module imports data from Evanced Events' built-in EXML feed to create nodes for each published event. When the Evanced Events calendar is updated in Evanced Events and cron is run in Drupal, the module keeps the events in sync using the ID assigned to each event.

With this module installed you can continue to use Evanced Events as a stand-alone product to create events, manage event registration, record attendance statistics, run reports and manage room reservations (in conjunction with Room Reserve), but you can also take advantage of all the power of CCK (D6 only) and Views to create multiple displays of your events across your website.

This module was originally created in 2009 by Worthington Libraries for their website.

Drupal 8

Please see #2637070: Drupal 8 and the Evanced Events Importer to track our progress and help migrate the Evanced Events Importer over to Drupal 8.

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