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This module intends to deal with the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications that comes into effect in the UK on 26th May 2012. From this date on, you run the risk of enforcement action if you are not compliant or visibly working towards compliance. More information can be found here

The above information applies to the UK however the EU law will be enforced in all EU countries and hence the module can be used everywhere in the EU.

By enabling and configuring the module you will demonstrate to the regulator that you, as the owner of the website:

  • are doing as much as possible to reduce the amount of time before your visitors receive information about cookies (information appears as soon as a visitor enters the site).
  • are providing your visitors with options. (find out more about cookies, do not browse if you disagree).
  • ensure that the information on cookies is readily available to your visitor(visible pop-up at the bottom of the screen).
  • are visibly working towards compliance (even if you do not perform a full cookie audit, it's clear that some effort has been made).

How it works

This module provides:

  • customisable notifications in the form of pop-ups that inform visitors that cookies are being used on the site. Those alert visitors that further browsing means giving consent to setting cookies.
  • an option to place the notifications at the top or at the bottom of the website
  • a javascript function that can be used to conditionally set cookies.
  • a link to information page on which information about cookies should be presented to the visitor (the page will be specific to each site and hence should be created by the administrator).
  • a support for multilingual sites
  • an option to restrict cookie notifications to EU countries only (with the geoip module: , or smart IP ) - 7.x-1.11 or later
  • a design that works with responsive themes - 7.x-1.11 or later

This module does not provide:

  • prevention of cookies being set on the site.

Visitors to the website give their consent to setting cookies by:

  • clicking the accept button on the pop-up
  • continuing browsing the website (this is an option that can be disabled)


- Enable the module.
- Create an information page on cookies being used on your website.
- Go the the permissions page at admin/user/permissions to grant permissions for displaying the pop-up and to accessing the administration page to certain roles.
- Go to the setting page at admin/settings/eu-cookie-compliance to enable and customise the pop-up.
- As from version 1.7 of the module, the second confirmation pop-up can be disabled.
- If you want to customise the pop-up background and text color, either type in the hex values or simply install (Drupal 7 only)
- If you want to show the message in EU countries only, install the geoip module: or Smart IP module: and enable the option on the admin page. (7.x-1.11 or later)

important: Prevention of cookies being set on a website is not in the scope of this module. Please refer to the Developers section below to find out how it can be done.


If you want to conditionally set cookies in your module, there is a javascript function provided that returns TRUE if the user has given his consent:


For example, if you want to disable google analitics, you could do the following:

Another example of how it can be used with Google Analytics is provided by dagomar in this comment

Here is another example showing how to set cookies after user clicks the accept button:

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