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Run a small business? ERP is a module set that gives Drupal the capability of replacing Quickbooks, MYOB or MYOB Retail Manager as a major part of your business operations.

The Drupal node system is leveraged to great advantage for all aspects of the module set, so that almost any other Drupal module can also be added to expand the power of the system.

ERP takes advantage of existing Drupal modules wherever possible, using Views, Gmap, Date and Calendar modules in particular.

The ERP module currently acts as the core of our small business, handling all aspects of it except tax reporting and employee payroll.

Note, we have moved the erp.profile across to its own project to take advantage of the build system. The project is drupalerp.

This is probably the best way to get started at the moment.


  • Franchises
  • Stores
  • Quoting/Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Payment receipt
  • Cashflow projection based on payment history
  • Asterisk integration to list calls from a customer
  • Stock Tracking over multiple stores with the option of tracking by serial number
  • Job tracking
  • Automated item/pricing import from CSV/Xls files via web or email
  • PDF generation of invoices for email (6.x uses print module)
  • Quote -> Invoice, Invoice -> Purchase Order, Invoice -> Receive Payments, Purchase Order -> Receive Stock functionality.
  • Timesheets (not in 6.x yet)
  • SMS notifications (not in 6.x yet)
  • Ubercart item synchronisation
  • POS insant login via RFID tag


Commercial support

Commerical support, development and hosting is now available for the ERP module set, checkout the StratosERP site for more details

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