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Entity Connect extends Entity References fields by adding "add new content" and "edit current content" buttons.


Thanks to Agnes Chisholm (amaria) for the great work and time passed to port Entity Connect to Drupal 8, we now have a first alpha release !

Try it, report any issues and patches !

7.x versions

Entity Connect now expands both

fields by adding "add new content" and "edit current content" buttons.

It will work with all default widgets provided by Entity reference and References (node_reference and user_reference) .

The Drupal module will allow you to dynamically create and edit entities (see bellow for the list of currently working entity types)
which should be referenced into an Entity reference field.

It will help you to improve the User Experience for creation of new entities or edition of linked entities on your entity reference fields.

The "add a new" button will enable you to add / create a new entity. The first form will be cached then the new form will be generated. Once the new form is completed and saved the user will return to the original form.

The "edit" button will take the user to the edit form of the referenced entity. Once the user is done editing, he is sent back to the previous form.

All versions

List of working entities

Modules compatible with Entity Connect

Version 7.x-2.x

Version 7.x-2.x add more flexibility on Entityconnect to be able to connect more Entity types without hacking the module.

We take an approch of submodules to support entities and promote the usage of hooks.

So, if you use the 7.x-2.x version and want support for Entity Construction Kit (ECK) or Bean, you will need to enable appropriate submodule.

We also add support of Taxonomy (term_reference) module.

Know limitations

Customs entities and/or entityreference widgets provided by the following modules are not yet supported.

  • Organic Group
  • OpenAtrium
  • RedHen

Please help us to that issues #2552237: [META] Entityconnect - Tiers modules compatibilty



  1. Copy entityconnect into your modules directory and then enable it on the admin modules page + enable the needed submodules
  2. Define permissions on admin/people/permissions page
  3. Define default parameters in administration page admin/config/content/entityconnect
  4. If you set default button visibility to ON
    1. Go to a form (add or edit form) which contain an entityreference field and you should see an add (+) and/or edit (pencil) button after your field.
  5. If you set default button visibility to OFF
    1. Go to fields administration for the entity you want to alter (eg: admin/structure/types/manage/page/fields)
    2. Edit an entityreference field and active it for that field (Display Entity Connect "edit" button / Display Entity Connect "add" button)

Next steps

7.x-2.x as now a rc1. We recommand to use it.
Stable will come when some tests will be added.

Similar modules


  • Jean-Yves GASTAUD (jygastaud) for Drupal 7 version.
  • Agnes Chisholm (amaria) for Drupal 8 version.

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