The scope of this project is simple: to provide an entity wrapper to the watchdog table created by dblog in order to expose access to that table via projects that utilize the entity api. This was developed for integration with the operations available as a webservice via the restWS module so that there could be a site that centrally manages the watchdog messages being generated by a series of related sites instead of having to enable dblog on each site.

In practice

This module was built for use with the Remote Watchdog distribution. The CIS Connector library of connection modules has support for connecting to systems running this module thanks to hook_watchdog so you can route messages that were generated to your central site, running this module to expose RESTful API operations via Entity API.

Difference from Better Watchdog UI

  • Better watchdog has views, rules, and other UI integrations
  • This module is purely for developers and is tested to work with RestWS to allow for webservice integration
  • The guts of the entity integration in this project is based on it slightly on that one though this module gets more of its guts from activation codes.
  • The goals at this time are different though they seek to achieve them in a reasonably similar fashion.

This project has been created as part of the ELMS initiative at Pennsylvania State University.

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