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Enterprise Blog is a complete blog solution that borrows many features from Wordpress. It is designed to be a replacement for the core blog module and provide much greater features and customizations.

Check out OpenEnterprise for a great distribution to install Enterprise Blog.


  • It is a feature module. This means that it was built using exported features configuration and can be easily modified with the Features Override module.
  • It is a app module. This means it can be installed using the very awesome and easy to use apps system.
  • It contains roles and permissions. This means it is easy to assign blog creation and editing to different people in your organization.
  • It contains controlled and free tagging taxonomies to handle complex categorization.
  • It contains content types and views for entering and displaying the blog posts.

Admin Section

The admin section was designed around wp-admin within Wordpress and includes roles and permissions for assigning blog administration within your organization. This greatly simplifies the job of seeing what has been published and making all the changes that need to be made.


  1. Install the module and dependencies. There are three ways to install using Drupal 7:
    • Do a traditional install by downloading all the modules from and follow instructions
    • One click install via the LevelTen Apps Server. You must install the apps connector modules first.*
    • Start your site with the Open Enterprise Drupal distribution. The apps server connectors are included - along with a lot of other great stuff.*

    * Using the apps server greatly streamlines the process.

  2. Once installed, a Blog item will appear on the main menu. Visit the page and click "+ Add blog post" to get started.


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