Drupal 6 and 7

By default, Drupal fills the front page with the latest content from your site.

This ultra lightweight module modifies this behavior to show no default content on the frontpage. Only the blocks will be displayed.

If you want more features and configurability, consider using one of these modules instead:

The development of this module did not take a lot of time, but was nonetheless sponsored by Whisky Echo Bravo.

Drupal 8

A port to Drupal 8 has been submitted by Chi. I tested it on Drupal 8 beta 2 and it works if your front page is defined to "/node", which is the default if you installed Drupal with the standard installation profile.

In the standard install, "/node" will display the Frontpage view. Thus you can also remove the frontpage content by modifying the view so that it never display anything (no results, no empty results behavior). However, using Empty Front Page will be more efficient, since the view will not have to be executed.

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Development of D6/D7 version

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