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Emergency Alerts

A Drupal 8 module to provide emergency alerts. These are the important announcements you might see at the top of academic sites.


Enable this module and configure to set alert title and message, severity, and to turn on block or full page override.

(optional) Add region emergency_alert to your theme and in templates. For example (in,

  content: Content
  sidebar: Sidebar
  footer: Footer Nav
  emergency_alert: 'Emergency alert'

Place the "Emergency Alert" block created by this module in the region you added above or in any other region.

Copy template html--emergency-alert.html.twig (for full-page alert) to your theme and edit (but keep the page.emergency_alert region)

Copy template emergency-alert.html.twig to your theme and edit as needed.

Add styling for the alert region div with classes:

  • .emergency-alert.announcement
  • .emergency-alert.warning
  • .emergency-alert.danger
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