Enables users to log in using a link in an email.

When Drupal sends an email to a registered user, this module changes the email so that the user is logged in automatically when they click any of the links in the email which points to the Drupal site

User Case

An example user case would be if you send a subscription notification to a user, if they click on the link to the original post, they will automatically log in when they arrive at your website.


Secure Token

This module works by appending a one-time login token to the end of each link. The login token expires when it is used, or when it has expired. By default tokens are set to expire after 30 days, and a configuration option is available to expire the token in less or more time.

Once the token has expired the user needs to log in using their username and password as usual.

Protected User

The Admin user (UID 1) is excluded from the functionality of this module, and can never log in via an email link.

Protected Pages

The Password Reset page (user/reset/*) is excluded from the functionality of this module as a security precaution, and there is a configuration option that can be used to exclude any other pages as well.

The code has been made in accord with Drupal standards.



If you've found the module particularly useful and want to say thank you, there's a wide range of stuff I'd welcome on my wish list (UK) (US).


Developed by Dmitry Demenchuk (mrded) & Chris Muktar for WikiJob.

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