This module is in development and has security issues. Use at your own risk.
Currently, we are in touch with a few security companies to see what can be done to make this module secure and stable.
Updates and new release coming up.

The eid module makes it possible to add Belgium eID Authentication to your Drupal site. It works with a reverse proxy authentication.


  • Download and extract the module
  • Enable the module in admin/build/modules
  • Goto admin/settings/eid and fill in the url to your reverse proxy server. If you want to use a login on the reverse proxy server (depending on the script you are using there, you have to check the Use login checkbox and fill in the login textfield. We will provide our own script very soon.
  • Goto admin/build/block and configure the eID login block
  • Installation complete

Request Reverse proxy test account

To test the module or use eID during development phase of the website, we've setup and reverse proxy. Goto to http://eid.coworks.net and fill in the form. You will receive a email with your login code for this proxy server. Remark. The website you fill in on the registration form needs to be the same as the site you are authentication from. The default URL in the admin section of the module is the link to our server.

Setup your own reverse proxy server

To use eID login on a production website, you have to setup your own reverse proxy server. Instructions for this are provided by the government and can be found at http://eid.belgium.be/nl/Achtergrondinfo/De_eID_technisch/ (Dutch). The direct link to the installation manual is http://eid.belgium.be/nl/binaries/REVERSE_PROXY_tcm147-22453.pdf.

More help needed?

Contact us at http://www.coworks.be. Manuals, scripts and tweaks of the reverse proxy will be published very soon.

Coming up ...

  • eID Webform Integration
  • eID Role Assignment
  • eID Contact Integration
  • eID Ubercart Checkout Integration
  • Suggestions?

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