This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Drupal integration for Adobe Edge Animate

This module enables you to upload manage, configure and integrate Adobe Edge Animate compositions in Drupal. Edge Suite is closely coupled with the EdgeCommons library for Edge Animate, which is needed to use some of the more advanced features (e.g. data injection).

Features (2.x)

  • Upload compositions through OAM files
  • Compositions are exposed through blocks
  • Full field support incl. ajax upload
  • Inline and iframe embedding
  • Field formatters: stage, poster, colorbox
  • Automatic stage dimension detection
  • Sharing of libraries between compositions
  • Show multiple composition on one page
  • Multiple blocks per composition
  • Views integration
  • Data injection
  • Data injection handler (needs testing)
  • Clean API for developers
  • Fully themeable through templates

Edge Suite (2.x) is based on entities which ensures a clean and easy API and an (most likely) easy
upgrade path to Drupal 8 in the future.


Version 2.x is fresh out of the box and includes a complete rewrite and a lot of new features (field support). It appears quiet stable but can not be considered to be ready for production yet. Please help to test the 2.x-dev branch and report any issues. The more you test the sooner Edge Suite will get stable!

Currently there is no plan for an upgrade path. If you really do need to migrate 1.x to 2.x open up an issue. As soon as version 2.x seems stable version 1.x will be deprecated.

Requirements (2.x)

Recommended modules (2.x)

Security implications

Allowing users to upload edge compositions enables them to deploy random HTML
and Javascript files on your site. This is basically like granting a user the
'Full HTML Text format' permission, which makes your site vulnerable to cross-site


Please help to review and test the module. Feedback is appreciated. When experiencing problems with a particular OAM, file an issue and sent the OAM to

Live application



  • filter
  • permissions
  • referencing
  • Insert / CKEditor / wysiwyg plugin
  • SEO
  • revisions


Special thanks to Simon Widjaja for sharing his inside knowledge on Edge Animate and his constant feedback.


  • Timm Jansen (ti2m): works as a freelancer and offers paid Drupal module development, consulting and trainings. Get in touch if you are interested in any kind of Edge Suite & Edge Animate related services.

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