This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module adds ec_products and variations functionality to Drupal's E-Commerce package.

Subproducts functionality is divided into two distinct types: variations and base products.

Variation-type products are products that have ec_products that are defined by a combination of attributes--for example, a color (blue) and a size (small). Product types that return themselves as part of the 'ec_product_types' productapi option are considered to support variation-type ec_products. An example is the apparel module in ecommerce/contrib.

Product variations and attribute data are stored in dedicated tables and accessed and updated through a user interface, similar to (and based on) the UI in Drupal core for administering the forum module's vocabulary and terms. Before users can create ec_products, a site administrator must first designate available variations and their attributes.

The second type of ec_product is the base-type. In this case, a ec_product is not itself a combination of attributes, but is a reference to a product that has such attributes. For example, a logo (the parent product) might be available printed on a small, blue shirt (the ec_product). Product types that return product types other than themselves as part of the 'ec_product_types' productapi option are considered to support base-type ec_products. An example is the custom module in ecommerce/contrib.

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