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The mobillcash.module provides Drupal eCommerce with the ability to accept mCommerce payments for orders i.e. from any user that has a mobile phone - no debit, credit card or bank account is required.

Designed to work with and is dependent on the Drupal eCommerce modules. Basic installation instructions are included with the readme.txt file.

Development of the mobillcash.module was sponsored by m3m and undertaken by Dublin Drupaller, with assistance from Waseem Ahanger (Mobillcash & Vidicom).

How it works

On checkout, the customer is directed to the Mobillcash site, where they are prompted to select their country. The customer is then prompted to enter in their phone number and are sent a TXT message to their mobile phone asking for confirmation for payment.

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Confirmation is sent by TXT to mobillcash who then process the order and report back to your Drupal eCommerce site confirming the payment has been made. The customer is then redirected from the mobillcash site back to a "thank you" page on your Drupal site.

Countries supported

Sweden (up to 200SEK)
United Kingdom
United States

*Updated 19th February 2009 with the addition of Canada in the countries covered list. Click through to the Mobillcash website for current list of countries.


It is free to setup a Mobillcash account and you have three billing choices i.e.

  1. REVENUE MODE: Consumer pays all network fees. Mobillcash charges a transaction processing fee to the merchant.
  2. CHARGE MODE: All transaction processing fees and network charges are absorbed by the merchant. The customer is charged the amount specified by the merchant with no additional costs.
  3. FULLPAY MODE: Merchant receives 100% of the order total. The Customer pays all associated network and transaction fees.

Click to setup your own Mobillcash account (Free)


A working demo is available here: - I've setup a simple Drupal music downloads shop, to illustrate how it works.

(More detailed documentation to follow. For a previous version of the module that works with Drupal eCommerce EC3.x click through to the older mobillcash.module page. In the meantime, contact Dublin Drupaller for assistance or if you want to help test the module before it's released on

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