This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

DynoSearcho lets users dynamically search for different types of content using AJAX (actually, AHAH).

This module allows the site admin to display various blocks on the site that provide a dynamic way to search for content. DynoSearch uses AHAH to display results as the user enters them (similar to Drupal's most-excellent autocomplete feature). Each block can be configured to display a configurable number of results from specific node types.

DynoSearcho is not meant to be a replacement for Drupal default search.

DynoSearcho does not use any of the existing Drupal search mechanism for it's searches, in fact, it is a much "dumbed down" version of search. The module only searches node titles and tags for matches. In fact, the module makes use of the SQL "LIKE" keyword, which probably means that this module probably won't do too well for sites when searching through thousands and thousands of nodes.

The module does have the option to submit the search terms to the standard Drupal search mechanism when the user presses the "enter" key. This option is controlled by the block configuration settings.

Check out this screencast of the module in action.

Initial development of this module was sponsored by Ozmosis.

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