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Dynamic Layouts

This Drupal 8 "Layout Builder" module can be used to create/manage reuseable layouts, which can be used in Display Suite & Panels.


  • Create and manage multiple reusable layouts in a user friendly interface
  • Add/remove/edit rows and columns
  • Set the width of each column
  • Add custom classes to each row or column
  • Set a list of predefined classes, which can be selected per column
  • Ability to give each column a custom name, which will be shown in Display Suite & Panels
  • Ability to choose a frontend library:


  • Drupal core version: >= 8.3.0
  • A module that consumes layouts:

We are using the Layout API derivatives plugin system to create the layouts and make them available in Display Suite & Panels.


Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See: for further


Configuration will depend on which project is been use to display it, either
Display Suite or Panels. But all this project needs is to be installed.

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