Dynamic banner list demonstration

Dynamic Banner is a module that lightens the load on web developers from creating many blocks for pages with different banners.
This module will read from the database to automatically decide which banner goes on which page based off of the rules and administrator sets.
This module has many different usage patterns and is extremely reusable.

There is various usage notes in the help section of the module

This module supports

set banner (so that one banner one page)
wildcard pages (so that a certain banner shows up on all pages below a certain link)
random banner (so that you get to choose what sets of banners will randomize on ONE page)

Please note that if you want to add a single banner to one page then this is not really the module for you. I highly recommend this tutorial using views if you want to accomplish this Views Slideshow. You can also find other great tutorials online for views slideshow which is really powerful for rotating banners (carousels)

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