This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


An experiment to stick an ncurses/Dialog interface ontop of Drush. This project is not to be taken seriously and use of it is actually discouraged. If you feel a curious urge to submit patches and play around with it though, be my guest! Also, if you want to take the "drush_ui" namespace, please feel free.


  1. Make sure the PHP ncurses extension is installed
  2. Place in ~/.drush/drush_ui
  3. Run: drush ui


The Drush UI module itself is abandoned. See the Terminal module for similar functionality.

drush_ui.module is a simple module that adds a form to the administration menu for triggering drush commands through Drupal's web interface.

It provides a menu page under Site Building that has a textfield that mimics the drush command line interface.

Most commands work. The only commands that don't work are one's that write to the filesystem, such as drush dl modulename and drush sql dump.

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