Isolated the Nagios/Icinga functionality from drush_multi.

For the usage as Nagios/Icinga NRPE Plugin.

It just prints a message and exit with an exit status.


drush_nagios includes the following commands:


Checks for pending updates.


Checks for pending database updates.


Manual method

Download and extract this extension to a number of places:

  • In a .drush folder in your HOME folder.
  • Along with one of your existing modules. If your command is related to an existing module, this is the preferred option.
  • In a folder specified with the include option.
  • In /path/to/drush/commands (not a "Smart Thing to Do", but it would work).

Drush method

Since this is as project, you might install it via drush, just type:

drush dl drush_nagios


Every command got a help.
Type drush help COMMAND for options and further informations.

See also example.aliases.drushrc.php.


Thanks to the mighty hundfred, friend and Bastard Operator from Hell,
who inspired me to write this (Nagios) Drush plugin.

Project Information