This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

I use the following symbolic links structure on our servers and wrote a bash script for handling Drupal updates years ago.

Within this structure and this drush command, it is now possible to do that via drush.

Here is the very specific structure this command deals with for multi-drupalupdate and multi-create:

|-- 6.x -> drupal-6.14
|-- 6.x_backup
|-- 6.x_profiles
|-- 6.x_sites
|   |-- all   
|   |-- default
|   |--
|   |   |-- files
|   |   |-- modules
|   |   `-- themes
|   `-- 
|       |-- files
|       |-- modules
|       `-- themes 
`-- drupal-6.14
    |-- includes
    |-- misc
    |-- modules
    |-- profiles -> ../6.x_profiles
    |-- scripts
    `-- sites  -> ../6.x_sites


drush multi-drupalupdate
Updates the installation if there is a new minor release available and preserves all detected symlinks, like sites and profiles above
drush multi-create
Creates a Drupal multisite installation, supports usage of drush_make makefiles
drush multi-site
Creates a site within the installation
drush multi-status
An extended drush core status
drush multi-exec
Removed: Execute a drush command on all sites (batch mode)
@see #652778: Similar functionality is in drush core 3.x
drush multi-sql-dump
An extended sql dump
drush multi-nagios
Moved and will be removed soon: Command for use as nagios plugin to monitor Drupal sites and Drupal installations with exit status and status message.
You can find the isolatated nagios functionality at Drush Nagios (drush_nagios).



For more details like arguments, options, and examples, please take a look at the help provided by each command or take a look at the drush_multi Doxygen documentation..


Thanks to the mighty hundfred, friend and Bastard Operator from Hell.

This module was sponsored by ISL Individuelle System Lösungen.


This command still under development. Not for use on production sites.
Use at own risk!

Before running, make backups of your sites and data!
Try a dry run with -s / --simulate and -v / --verbose options first to see what will happen.

For something like a roadmap take a look at the todo list within the documentation.

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