Drush issue queue commands makes it much easier for beginners, and much faster for beginning and experienced git users alike to create and apply patches.


Drush IQ was broken by the Drupal 7 upgrade of drupal.org. Now that #1710850: Deploy RestWS for D7 project issue JSON has been deployed on drupal.org, development of Drush IQ for the Drupal 7 API is progressing on the 7.x-2.x branch. See #2127965: Fix for the new json structure on d.o D7.

The Drush IQ 7.x-1.x branch is no longer supported, but may be used with other Drupal sites using project_issue 6.x.


drush pm-download grn-6.x drush_iq
cd ~/.drush/drush_iq
composer self-update
composer install

For instructions on how to use these commands, please see the documentation available in drush topic docs-iq-commands.


Drush (version 6 recommended)
Generate Release Notes (for iq-release command only)


Patch Manager

Project Information