This drush plugin warms up your content caches and can help content load faster by running through and loading any/all entity content. Once entity content is loaded, components of the content (or all of it if it can use Entitycache) can get cached thus making the latter content loads much faster. By providing an argument, you can also cache all entities of a certain type (like node, user, taxonomy_term, etc).

  • drush ecl will get a list of all entity types that are supported by Entity Cache and will cache their content.
  • drush ecl <entity_type> will cache all content from the entity_type.


  • If your application allows for it, you will see the best gains if you use it in combination with the Entity Cache module.
  • On sites with large amounts of content, it may take a while for the content to get cached.
  • On sites with frequently updated content, this plugin may be unnecessary (though the cache loading will simply end up going much more quickly).
  • If you are already using a nosql field storage solution like MongoDB, this module may be unnecessary (needs more testing on this front to see if there are any gains).
  • If you run into issues where your URLs contain http://default/node/1 and the like and would prefer doing this from a UI, ECL is under way. This will *be* a module instead of a drush plugin (so you will need to enable it in order for usage).

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