This module is unsupported because of the core-requirements command in drush core, which i did not had in mind while developing this one.
drush core-requirements does the same and provides more options, so use this one instead!


Prints the Drupal status report table (Admin > Reports > Status) on the command line.
In other words, it prints out every module that implements hook_requirements() with runtime phase, which gives you an overview about the health of your drupal site via drush...


  • Severity
  • Facility
  • Value
  • Description




Since this is a Drush extension, you will need Drush >=v.5.


Manual method

Download from project page and extract this extension to a number of places:

  • In a .drush folder in your HOME folder.
  • Along with one of your existing modules. If your command is related to an existing module, this is the preferred option.
  • In a folder specified with the include option.
  • In /path/to/drush/commands (not a "Smart Thing to Do", but it would work).

Drush method

Since this is as project, you might install it via drush, just type:

drush dl drush_drupal_status

Project Information