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Created by: xjm
Created on: 9 Feb 2018 at 21:18 UTC
Last updated: 28 Mar 2018 at 19:19 UTC
Bug fixes
New features

Release notes

This is a beta release for the next feature release of Drupal 8. Betas are good testing targets for developers and site builders who are comfortable reporting (and where possible, fixing) their own bugs. Beta releases are not recommended for non-technical users, nor for production websites. More information on beta releases.

This minor release provides new improvements and functionality without breaking backward compatibility (BC) for public APIs. There may be changes in internal APIs and experimental modules that require updates to contributed and custom modules and themes per Drupal core's backwards compatibility and experimental module policies.

Minor releases may include string changes and additions. Translators can review the latest translation status on

Important update information

For a full list of important changes since 8.4.x, also see the 8.5.0-alpha1 release notes.

8.5.0-beta1 resolves several issues with the upgrade path so site owners who have encountered problems updating to 8.5.0-alpha1 should try updating to this beta release instead. Site owners and module maintainers planning to update to this release should take note of the following important issues:

  • If you have a contributed or custom module that deals with pending revisions or loading different revisions, be aware that new validation was introduced to limit the allowed changes for untranslatable fields. See the related change record about this revision API change for details.

  • Important: If you have not already upgraded to 8.4.0, read the Drupal 8.4.0 release notes before upgrading to 8.5.0-beta1. Drupal 8.4 includes major version updates for Symfony, jQuery, and jQuery UI and is no longer compatible with older versions of Drush. Drupal 8.3 and earlier are no longer supported.

  • A bug in Symfony 3.4 causes parsing to fail on certain YAML files that contain comments. Drupal core is working around this issue, but custom services.yaml files or other custom YAML formats may need to implement their own fixes until the issue is fixed upstream in Symfony (hopefully before Drupal 8.5.0). See the Symfony 3.4 change record for details.

  • Several JavaScript build packages have been updated to their latest versions in Drupal 8.5.0-beta1. Most changes are backwards-compatible, but review the change record for changes that may affect custom JavaScript code.

Critical bug fixes

The following critical issues are fixed in Drupal 8.5.0-beta1 (which include regressions and issues with the upgrade path from 8.4.x in 8.5.0-alpha1):

Known issues

Search the issue queue for all known issues.

All changes since the last minor release

  • Issue #2943004 by alexpott, webchick, smaz, xjm, catch: Backport Umami to 8.5, but mark it hidden (for now)
  • Issue #2941902 by smaz: Reduce the file size for bundled images in Umami
  • Issue #2942406 by Eli-T, markconroy, andrewmacpherson: Text alternative for Umami mobile search link
  • Issue #2941837 by Eli-T, kjay, cehfisher: Move article body out of csv file in to their own text file
  • Issue #2938185 by tedbow, JayKandari, navneet0693, acbramley, Eli-T, larowlan, webchick, markconroy, andrewmacpherson, David_Rothstein, smaz, ckrina: When installing Umami, only show warning if 'Demo Umami' radio button is selected (and ensure that it is obvious that warning message only applies to the Umami profile)
  • Issue #2941558 by markconroy, Eli-T, oakulm: Theme does not provide logged in users menu item or controls to edit his/hers user details
  • Issue #2942007 by David_Rothstein, navneet0693, andrewmacpherson: Move the footer promo block image to a field, for better configurability and accessibility
  • Issue #2940362 by Eli-T, kjay, navneet0693, markconroy, larowlan, Gábor Hojtsy: Move recipe instruction out of csv file in to their own text file
  • Issue #2938805 by markconroy, David_Rothstein, ckrina, Eli-T: Finalise the wording of the warning message on the status report page
  • Issue #2941582 by markconroy, Eli-T, smaz, ckrina, steveparks: Create a documentation page for Umami profile to explain why it shouldn't be used in production sites
  • Issue #2939019 by David_Rothstein: Umami theme has a confusing theme description
  • Issue #2941488 by larowlan, Eli-T: Add a .htaccess file to core/profiles/demo_umami/modules/demo_umami_content/default_content/images to prevent direct downloading of images
  • Issue #2938186 by navneet0693, John Cook, Eli-T, markconroy, smaz, ckrina, andrewmacpherson, larowlan: Set toolbar warning message to only appear on admin/edit pages
  • Issue #2938900 by David_Rothstein, navneet0693, JayKandari: Replace profile-defined blocks with custom blocks to fix a variety of problems
  • Issue #2938686 by Adam_Moulsdale, andrewmacpherson: Pink button/link style in Umami fails WCAG 2.0 SC 1.4.3 Contrast (minimum)
  • Issue #2939940 by bmx269, joelpittet: Update stylelint rules color-hex-case to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2939018 by smaz, David_Rothstein: Umami theme and modules don't have version numbers in their info files
  • Issue #2939835 by David_Rothstein, markconroy: Documentation for testAppearance() says that it tests that Umami is the default theme, but it doesn't
  • Issue #2938170 by navneet0693, andrewmacpherson, markconroy, owenpm3, larowlan: Enable ALT text for Banner Block image field
  • Issue #2938918 by David_Rothstein, markconroy, larowlan: Impossible to switch back to the Umami theme after switching away from it
  • Issue #2938187 by markconroy, andrewmacpherson: Homepage/Recipes page banner image is duplicating on small screens
  • Issue #2937636 by piyuesh23, markconroy: Umami Theme - follow-up - Use hook_form_alter() for search block placeholder
  • Issue #2938360 by markconroy: Change hook_preprocess_block to use $variables instead of $vars
  • Issue #2937894 by navneet0693: Remove unneeded schema entry from demo_umami.schema.yml
  • Issue #2809635 by markconroy, navneet0693, alexpott, smaz, larowlan, Eli-T, webchick, yoroy, ikit-claw, budda, kjay, timmillwood, tkoleary, Gábor Hojtsy, andrewmacpherson, lauriii, JayKandari, jibran, ok_lyndsey, big_man, ckrina, nathancz, Paul_Gregory, vijaycs85, SharJay, tomphippen, tim.plunkett, Tarun Lewis, cehfisher, kreynen, Petr Illek, mariohernandez, thamas, thatdamnqa, John Cook, philipnorton42, h2cm, kattekrab, martin_q, waako: Create experimental installation profile
  • Issue #2931436 by amateescu, dillix, Berdir, DuneBL, plach: field_purge_batch expects an array of objects but instead gets an array of arrays
  • Issue #2939563 by webchick: Un-hide Media from the UI. With special thanks to all contributors who helped us get here!
  • Issue #2943486 by xjm: media-reference-help.html.twig missing from stable theme
  • Issue #2936293 by xjm, tedbow, marcoscano, ershov.andrey, phenaproxima, benjifisher, samuel.mortenson, davidhernandez, tim.plunkett, Gábor Hojtsy, seanB, ckrina, yoroy, DyanneNova, amateescu: At least inform content authors where they can list and add media
  • Issue #2802403 by _Archy_, Berdir, rjay, catch, Tachion, jacktonkin, oriol_e9g, willwh, tameeshb, dawehner, dhansen, bmcclure, DeFr, david.gil, gagarine, plach: Combination of language negotiation and path aliasing can cause a corrupted route cache, 404s
  • Issue #2940899 by plach, Wim Leers, hchonov: Regression: _entity_form routes should not get load_latest_revision_flag by default: changes default behavior (= regression) while only Content Moderation needs it
  • Issue #2943035 by tedbow, xjm, tim.plunkett: hook_field_widget_multivalue_form_alter and hook_field_widget_multivalue_WIDGET_TYPE_alter are not invoked for single widget that handle multiple values
  • Issue #2941622 by Wim Leers: Make REST's EntityResource deriver exclude internal entity types and mark ContentModerationState entity type as internal instead of the current hack
  • Issue #2942293 by Neograph734: Uppercase letter in Bartik's causes incorrect color replacements
  • Issue #2937469 by alexpott, Mixologic: Automatic upgrade to PHPUnit 6 is dangerous
  • Issue #2941318 by davewilly, chiranjeeb2410, kiamlaluno: Incorrectly formatted documentation in Get migrate process plugin
  • Issue #2939026 by tstoeckler: Installer does not fix the database connection after creating the database on MySQL
  • Issue #2936511 by hchonov, Berdir, plach, Wim Leers, catch, amateescu, sdewitt: ContentEntityType::getRevisionMetadataKeys() never considers the BC logic because of the new "revision_default" key
  • Issue #2935951 by heddn, maxocub, quietone, Jo Fitzgerald, phenaproxima, alexpott, larowlan: Copy migrate source plugin from migrate_drupal_d8 into migrate_drupal
  • Issue #2940088 by joelpittet, cilefen: Shorthand hex colors in CSS files break color module's comparisons
  • Issue #2775653 by dawehner, droplet, michielnugter, Lendude, jibran, alexpott, Mixologic, klausi, juampynr, cosmicdreams, cspitzlay, justafish, drpal, larowlan, claudiu.cristea, Berdir, Mile23, andypost, xjm, mtodor: JavascriptTests with webDriver
  • Issue #2866817 by harsha012, Jo Fitzgerald, BrightBold, alexpott, joelpittet: Update stylelint rule no-empty-source to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2940201 by xjm, amateescu, benjifisher, tedbow, tim.plunkett, Berdir: hook_field_widget_form_alter() can no longer affect the whole widget for multi-value fields
  • Issue #2927227 by Jo Fitzgerald, Olarin, ao2, quietone, heddn: d6_url_alias migration fails when the src path in D6 contains no slashes
  • Issue #2860097 by plach, timmillwood, Sam152, Wim Leers, hchonov, catch, amateescu, matsbla: Ensure that content translations can be moderated independently
  • Issue #2938140 by tim.plunkett, EclipseGc, DyanneNova, larowlan: Mark Layout Builder as Beta in 8.5.x
  • Issue #2920963 by quietone, Saviktor, shashikant_chauhan: Remove the migrate.migration prefix from core test migrations
  • Issue #2941736 by plach, Sam152, amateescu, timmillwood: Moderation state revisions should have their isDefaultRevision() match the host entity's
  • Issue #2941912 by Mohit Malik, quietone: Remove incremental @todo from MigrateUpgradeForm
  • Issue #2942073 by effulgentsia, Sam152: Add a "bare.standard.php.gz" test fixture that starts from Drupal 8.4.0
  • Revert "Issue #2893117 by Mile23, Berdir: Improve HTML caching of Simpletest UI test form"
  • Issue #2927344 by Wim Leers, xjm, TR, webchick, larowlan, David_Rothstein, catch, yoroy: Specifically warn about end dates for PHP support for old versions
  • Issue #2940956 by alexpott: Properly disable resource tracking in the ContainerBuilder
  • Issue #2939208 by alexpott, tim.plunkett: Services registered with ContainerBuilder::setDefinition() are removed from container causing a BC break
  • Issue #2936642 by tim.plunkett: Getting runtime contexts will generate an E_WARNING for anonymous users
  • Issue #2916084 by tim.plunkett, John Cook, andrewmacpherson, borisson_: Add John Cook as Batch API subsystem maintainer
  • Issue #2941457 by agentrickard, tim.plunkett, hbensalem: EntityAdapter::getIterator requires undocumented methods
  • Issue #2914839 by Sam152: The current moderation state in the "meta" region on content entity forms is coupled to the moderation_state field widget
  • Issue #2939692 by Leksat, blazey, larowlan: menu_link_content_entity_predelete deletes "collection", "add-form", etc. links
  • Issue #2940204 by plach, Wim Leers, effulgentsia, matsbla, Gábor Hojtsy, tacituseu: Translatable fields with synchronization enabled should behave as untranslatable fields with respect to pending revisions
  • Issue #2941275 by zuhair_ak, joachim: improve the exception message for a missing source ID value in \Drupal\migrate\Row
  • Issue #2937964 by Jo Fitzgerald, quietone: RequirementException summary doc line is incomplete
  • Issue #2937945 by yo30, kim.pepper, dawehner, voleger, larowlan: Add messenger to ControllerBase and FormBase
  • Issue #2940108 by yo30, quietone, maxocub: getLegacyDrupalVersion() returns string not int as documented
  • Revert "Issue #2940204 by plach, Wim Leers, effulgentsia, matsbla: Translatable fields with synchronization enabled should behave as untranslatable fields with respect to pending revisions"
  • Issue #2936714 by gabesullice, Wim Leers, amateescu, Sam152, Berdir: Entity type definitions cannot be set as 'internal'
  • Issue #2940204 by plach, Wim Leers, effulgentsia, matsbla: Translatable fields with synchronization enabled should behave as untranslatable fields with respect to pending revisions
  • Issue #2791907 by ddrozdik, Chi: Improve TranslatableMarkup and FormattableMarkup classes
  • Issue #2927344 by Wim Leers, xjm, webchick, larowlan, catch, David_Rothstein, yoroy: Specifically warn about end dates for PHP support for old versions
  • Issue #2905098 by tedbow, Jo Fitzgerald, Wim Leers, MerryHamster, Yogesh Pawar, rajeshwari10, larowlan, xjm: Change block entity form handler from 'off_canvas' to 'settings_tray'
  • Issue #2747789 by jhedstrom, pashupathi nath gajawada: Improve UpdatePathTestBase debuggablity
  • Issue #2940367 by jibran: Update Symfony components to 3.4.4
  • Issue #2932715 by alexpott, mondrake, vaplas: PHPUnit testing fails on Windows since #2928249
  • Issue #2659616 by Lendude, greggmarshall, katzilla, hexabinaer: Check field order and fix below/above in descriptions
  • Issue #2809491 by ApacheEx, dawehner, Lendude: Convert AJAX part of \Drupal\field\Tests\Boolean\BooleanFieldTest::testBooleanField to JavascriptTestBase
  • Issue #2843707 by Chirag_Garg, lokapujya, xjm, gerzenstl: Default config for entity displays does not match what is saved
  • Issue #2768823 by Jo Fitzgerald, Berdir, quietone: Store uploads in correct translation
  • Issue #2939802 by Wim Leers, cburschka: Follow-up for #2824851: EntityResourceTestBase::getModifiedEntityForPatchTesting() handles @FieldType=path incorrectly
  • Issue #2935783 by larowlan, Wim Leers: RequestHandler's handle method interacts with the Route object but should be able to just declare arguments
  • Issue #2843328 by mpdonadio, alexpott, Mile23, cburschka, xjm: Enforce minimum PHP version in composer dependencies
  • Issue #2936704 by Wim Leers, amateescu, alexpott, Berdir: Remove REST route deprecations from DeprecationListenerTrait::getSkippedDeprecations(), use ExpectDeprecationTrait::expectDeprecation() instead
  • Issue #2857857 by vegantriathlete, Jo Fitzgerald, snehi, plach, xjm, Skabbkladden: Check use of "it's" in core to ensure proper use
  • Issue #2940050 by Mohit Malik, kiamlaluno: Fix the grammar for the comment describing TranslatableInterface::hasTranslation()
  • Issue #2940051 by Mohit Malik, kiamlaluno: Fix the punctuation in the comment describing what ContentEntityBase::isTranslatable() does
  • Revert "Issue #2932715 by mondrake, alexpott, vaplas: PHPUnit testing fails on Windows since #2928249"
  • Revert "Revert "Issue #2935157 by neclimdul, alexpott: does not run TestSuite tests""
  • Issue #2922603 by tedbow, Wim Leers, andrewmacpherson: Mark Settings Tray module as stable
  • Revert "Issue #2935157 by neclimdul, alexpott: does not run TestSuite tests"
  • Issue #2937666 by Jo Fitzgerald, quietone: errorCount() returns string not int as documented
  • Issue #2931420 by harsha012, chiranjeeb2410, marcoscano, heddn: Fix wrong documentation on \Drupal\migrate\Plugin\migrate\source\SourcePluginBase::initializeIterator()
  • Issue #1014816 by mondrake, Dave Reid, m1n0, leschekfm, jwilson3, claudiu.cristea, fietserwin, guybedford: Allow image fields to use any extensions the current image toolkit supports (instead of hard-coding jpg, png and gif only)
  • Issue #2745491 by mcdruid, juampynr, Jo Fitzgerald, sanduhrs, snehi, mparker17, rodrigoaguilera: ImageWidget::validateRequiredFields() produces a PHP Warning message if triggering element is a non-button
  • Issue #2797639 by jzavrl, slashrsm, yobottehg, tassilogroeper, Yogesh Pawar, Berdir: For multi language private files FileDownloadController is used for the ImageStyle instead of ImageStyleDownloadController
  • Issue #2932715 by mondrake, alexpott, vaplas: PHPUnit testing fails on Windows since #2928249
  • Issue #2867960 by Eric_A, Mile23, Jo Fitzgerald, mpdonadio: Merge Component composer.json files to account for them during build
  • Issue #2687843 by quietone, heddn, Jo Fitzgerald, alexpott, piggito, mallezie, mikeryan, xjm, phenaproxima, benjifisher, webchick, Gábor Hojtsy, masipila, benjy, abhishek-anand, catch: Add back incremental migrations through the UI
  • Issue #2923915 by tstoeckler, heddn: Stubbing content entities with required fields with a default value is broken
  • Issue #2935076 by amateescu: EntityResourceTestBase::getNormalizedPostEntity() wrongly assumes that all entity types have auto-generated sequential IDs
  • Issue #2915398 by Sam152, amateescu, timmillwood, plach, mstef: The moderation_state field is not computed during the creation of a new entity translation
  • Issue #2929198 by alexpott: .ht.router.php does not support update.php
  • Issue #2880703 by alexpott, droplet, Daniel.Moberly, yogesh01: Status report page without JavaScript is messed up
  • Issue #2940169 by Nitebreed, jefuri, seanB: Remove all occurences of 'media entity' in core
  • Issue #2922862 by jibran: Update non-Symfony dependencies in lock file
  • Issue #1712106: Fix spelling mistake introduced on commit
  • Issue #1712106 by jamix, dawehner, m4olivei, Boobaa, InternetDevels, JacobSanford: truncate_utf8() cuts on the first newline character when $wordsafe == TRUE
  • Issue #2910705 by droplet, drpal: Update JS Build Script Packages
  • Issue #2936368 by gaurav.kapoor: Duplicate css property in toolbar module
  • Issue #2935157 by neclimdul, alexpott: does not run TestSuite tests
  • Issue #2940174 by jefuri: Soundcould rename to Soundcloud in MediaSourceInterface
  • Issue #2938645 by kmbremner, swarad07, Gábor Hojtsy: invalid YAML in example
  • Issue #2939940 by bmx269, joelpittet: Update stylelint rules color-hex-case to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2866818 by harsha012, BrightBold, brahmjeet789, joelpittet: Update stylelint rule number-leading-zero to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2866806 by harsha012, Mukeysh, joelpittet: Update stylelint rule declaration-block-no-shorthand-property-overrides to be consistent with Drupal's CSS standards
  • Issue #2939917 by plach, jibran, Wim Leers: Field synchronization should run only for Content Translation-enabled entities
  • Issue #2939909 by plach, xjm, Wim Leers: Ensure that hook_bundle_info_alter() implementations know whether bundles are translatable
  • Issue #2938623 by kmbremner: broken link in docs for Condition::notExists()
  • Issue #2939724 by ryanhayes, joachim, Samvel, andrewmacpherson,, Adam_Moulsdale, rachel_norfolk: wrong variable name in sample code
  • Issue #2897132 by timmillwood, Sam152, amateescu, pameeela, xjm, Wim Leers, webchick, lauriii, esod: Mark Content Moderation module as stable
  • Issue #2922701 by quietone, masipila, heddn, benjifisher, phenaproxima, larowlan, xjm, catch: Migrate UI - refer to modules and add help text
  • Revert "Issue #2939909 by plach, Wim Leers: Ensure that hook_bundle_info_alter() implementations know whether bundles are translatable"
  • Issue #2939742 by plach, Wim Leers: Node links always load the default revision during rendering
  • Issue #2939795 by plach, Wim Leers: Multilingual logic is not applied when a new revision translation is being added
  • Issue #2939909 by plach, Wim Leers: Ensure that hook_bundle_info_alter() implementations know whether bundles are translatable
  • Revert "Issue #2895271 by navneet0693, Lendude, dawehner, pasan.gamage, larowlan: Convert web tests to JTB and KTB tests for user module part-3"
  • Issue #2939894 by xjm: Temporarily skip LocaleConfigTranslationImportTest because it is failing massively in HEAD
  • Issue #2895271 by navneet0693, Lendude, dawehner, pasan.gamage, larowlan: Convert web tests to JTB and KTB tests for user module part-3
  • Issue #2939242 by yo30: Update Drupal Documentation to reflect that assert() eval syntax is no longer to be used
  • Issue #2938309 by tedbow, tacituseu, Wim Leers: Only install Quick Edit when necessary for Settings Tray tests
  • Revert "Issue #2817833 by Jo Fitzgerald, ckaotik, svendecabooter: Delay sql map table creation"
  • Issue #2893117 by Mile23, Berdir: Improve HTML caching of Simpletest UI test form
  • Issue #2817833 by Jo Fitzgerald, ckaotik, svendecabooter: Delay sql map table creation
  • Issue #2924812 by Sam152, plach, Wim Leers, timmillwood, xjm: Deprecate EntityRevisionConverter in content_moderation
  • Issue #2939247 by plach, hchonov: Revert Content Translation routes to act on default rather than latest revisions
  • Issue #2926412 by Wim Leers: Follow-up for #2883680: deprecation message indicates the wrong deprecation introduction version
  • Issue #2874904 by Mixologic, alexpott: Fix YamlTest to not scan core/node_modules
  • Issue #2938947 by Wim Leers, plach: Always list a "Current revision" for each available content translation
  • Issue #2939107 by plach, Wim Leers: Follow-up for #2924724: Clean up the node revision translation revert logic to leverage the new API
  • Issue #2931765 by timmillwood, Wim Leers: Regression: \Drupal\hal\LinkManager\LinkManagerBase implicitly depends on REST module
  • Issue #2938895 by plach, Wim Leers, hchonov, timmillwood: Make EntityConverter load the latest translation-affecting revision for translated entities
  • Issue #2938834 by alexpott: Resolve out-dated @todo in DefaultConfigTest
  • Issue #2936725 by gabesullice, Wim Leers, dawehner, Berdir: EntityDataDefinition::create() does not respect derived entity definitions
  • Issue #2937980 by pameeela, Jigar.addweb: Standard install sets article comment field to required
  • Issue #2935215 by alexpott: Apply coding standards to Drupal 8 PHP code in core/scripts
  • Issue #2936253 by gabesullice: Clarify usage of AccountProxyInterface: recommend AccountInterface for most use cases
  • Issue #2938799 by claudiu.cristea: Provide the timestamp scalar data type
  • Issue #2924165 by TravisCarden: Doxygen for callable arguments missing callable keyword
  • Issue #2935137 by el7cosmos, Mixologic: License "GPL-2.0+" is a deprecated SPDX license identifier, use "GPL-2.0+-only" or "GPL-2.0+-or-later" instead
  • Issue #2936802 by alexpott, Wim Leers: expectDeprecation() doesn't work in isolated tests
  • Issue #2925997 by tikaszvince, ndolley: position-min.js issue since 8.4 upgrade
  • Issue #2872355 by sarguna raj M, chiranjeeb2410, joachim: expand and clarify docs for DefaultPluginManager::alterInfo()
  • Issue #2938369 by Mohit Malik, yo30, mondrake, alexpott: The Symfony\Component\ClassLoader\WinCacheClassLoader class is deprecated
  • Issue #2921706 by Daniel Korte, bkosborne: Update example.settings.local.php to include ['cache']['bins']['page']
  • Issue #2914834 by snehi, tresti88, joachim: missing @return for drupal_get_user_timezone() and return types for other methods in
  • Issue #2936641 by alokvermaei: 'Path alias' in PathFilterForm.php is not translated
  • Issue #2935575 by gaurav.kapoor, kiamlaluno, amateescu: Fix or remove the @see tag
  • Issue #2934997 by benjifisher, Lendude, xjm: Intermittent failure in MediaUiJavascriptTest
  • Issue #2936525 by, benjifisher: Confusing documentation for setConfigOverrideLanguage()
  • Issue #2936941 by alexpott: Diff can infinitely loop since #2885309
  • Issue #2930542 by sahil432, sdewitt, andrewmacpherson: Disabled form labels in Seven theme's node meta-data do not meet WCAG AA 1.4.3 Contrast (minimum)
  • Issue #2878556 by plach, matsbla, vijaycs85, Gábor Hojtsy, catch, gabesullice, effulgentsia, hchonov, hass, amateescu, xjm: Ensure that changes to untranslatable fields affect only one translation in pending revisions
  • Issue #2919373 by tedbow, Wim Leers, Adita, webchick, Berdir, drpal, xjm, samuel.mortenson, bircher: Prevent Settings Tray functionality for blocks that have configuration overrides
  • Issue #2891215 by plach, timmillwood, hchonov, amateescu, catch, gabesullice: Add a way to track whether a revision was default when originally created
  • Issue #2937902 by jibran: Remove "drupal/layout_builder": "self.version" from core/composer.json
  • Issue #2937889 by larowlan, Sam152: Regression: LinkWidget no longer supports base fields with optional title
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