Other modules need a way to declare their migration status and thus control which list (available upgrade path or missing upgrade path) they will appear in on the Migrate Upgrade review page, /upgrade.

The form lists all modules on the source site in either a 'missing an upgrade path' or 'available upgrade path' list. If the module has migrations it will be displayed in the 'available upgrade path' list, even if it only has one migration and needs more than one to be complete. If it as no migrations it will be displayed in the 'missing an upgrade path list', even it does not need an upgrade path. This will lead to misleading data for the user.

In a migrate meeting, using a hook or an event was discussed. A possible solution, using hook_form_alter, was implemented in #2914974: Migrate UI - handle sources that do not need an upgrade and removed after a review #176. That review asked some questions, listed below, which should be resolved here.

  1. The CR is titled Provide a Method to Intentionally Mark Modules, Themes and Profiles as not Upgradable but we're not really providing a method.
  2. Did we give consideration to a dedicated API? E.g. we could put entries in .info.yml or we could put files in modules.
  3. How likely is it that contrib modules will need to make this change?

Note: As of this writing, there is the two categories of 'missing' and 'available'. Another category, 'incomplete' is being added, #2928147: Migrate UI - add 'incomplete' migration status

Proposed resolution


Remaining tasks

Decide the best way for other modules to declare their migration status.

#2 form_alter_patch.txt4.37 KBquietone
#2 form_alter_patch.txt4.37 KBquietone
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quietone created an issue. See original summary.

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In #2914974: Migrate UI - handle sources that do not need an upgrade comment #184 phenaproxima asked that a patch containing the code implementing the form alter hook method that was removed from that issue be posted in a followup, marked postponed. So, posting a patch here. This patch is made from the patch 2914974-173.patch removing the chunks not related to the hook.

And postponing on #2914974: Migrate UI - handle sources that do not need an upgrade and #2928147: Migrate UI - add 'incomplete' migration status.

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Upload the patch twice, hiding one.

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