I've updated my local dev environment's Drupal install via composer and apparently it installed correctly.

Now whenever I hit the page or while using drush I get the following error:

PHP Fatal error: Interface 'Symfony\\Cmf\\Component\\Routing\\ChainedRouterInterface' not found in /vagrant/www/vendor/symfony-cmf/routing/DynamicRouter.php on line 39

I used composer with the --no-dev option due to a drupal/coder dependency that was breaking the install. Could this be the reason for my Drupal install being broken?

Can anyone share any insight? I'm lost in a chicken/egg situation and don't know it is a symfony dependency issue or a drupal/coder dependency issue.

#5 composer.json_.txt4.09 KBjoum
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joum created an issue. See original summary.

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What version of Symfony installed?

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This is what composer installed:

stecman/symfony-console-completion    0.7.0
symfony-cmf/routing                   1.4.1
symfony/cache                         v3.3.10
symfony/class-loader                  v3.2.13
symfony/config                        v3.2.13
symfony/console                       v3.2.13
symfony/css-selector                  v3.3.10
symfony/debug                         v3.3.10
symfony/dependency-injection          v3.2.13
symfony/dom-crawler                   v3.3.10
symfony/event-dispatcher              v3.2.13
symfony/expression-language           v3.3.10
symfony/filesystem                    v3.3.10
symfony/finder                        v3.3.10
symfony/http-foundation               v3.2.13
symfony/http-kernel                   v3.2.13
symfony/polyfill-apcu                 v1.6.0
symfony/polyfill-iconv                v1.6.0
symfony/polyfill-mbstring             v1.6.0
symfony/process                       v3.2.13
symfony/psr-http-message-bridge       v1.0.0
symfony/routing                       v3.2.13
symfony/serializer                    v3.2.13
symfony/translation                   v3.2.13
symfony/validator                     v3.2.13
symfony/var-dumper                    v3.3.10
symfony/yaml                          v3.2.13
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I tried clearing vendor, core and modules/contrib folder; deleted the composer.lock file and cleared composer's cache.

Again, the composer install step goes all the way through, but every time I try to access the site it throws the above PHP error.

drush status output:

Password for user root:
 Drupal version : 8.4.2
 Site URI       : http://default
 DB driver      : pgsql
 DB hostname    : localhost
 DB port        : 5432
 DB username    : ********************
 DB name        : ********************
 PHP binary     : /usr/bin/php7.0
 PHP config     : /etc/php/7.0/cli/php.ini
 PHP OS         : Linux
 Drush script   : /vagrant/www/vendor/drush/drush/drush
 Drush version  : 9.0.0-beta3
 Drush temp     : /tmp
 Drush configs  :
 Drush aliases  :
 Drupal root    : /vagrant/www/
 Site path      : sites/default
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4.09 KB

Also, in case it helps, the composer.json file (in txt format).

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Also updated composer to (I think) latest version:

Composer version 1.5.2 2017-09-11 16:59:25

Still the same error.

How can composer install all the way through without failing and then Drupal throw an error due to a dependency of drupal/core?

Also tried reverting to 8.3.7 and it still throws the same error.

I'm baffled by this.

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Issue tags: +composer

You have got mixed versions of Symfony components installed and FWIW Drupal 8.4.x core is locked on 3.2.8.

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@cilefen can you elaborate? How can I fix this?

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Neither ChainedRouterInterface nor DynamicRouter have been used in core since before 8.3.0 (over a year ago).
Additionally, they are from the same project. No idea how you'd have one without the other.

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@joum Same problem here.

Looks like a problem with composer as i also have a problem with drush (installed through composer), being partially downloaded.

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Update : Problem appears after upgrading to Mac OS High Sierra.
Fixed upgrading Mac Os High Sierra 10.13.2 Developer beta.

See here for more information : https://github.com/hashicorp/vagrant/issues/8788

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Thanks @eveyrat, it fixed the issue for me, too.