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It feels like we should maybe have some JS test coverage for these forms, just wondering ...

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Do you mind actually converting it to a JS test?

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@dawehner are you sure about duplicate with #2780063: Convert web tests to browser tests for datetime and datetime_range modules ?
this seems to have nothing to do with datetime module.

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I don't think it's a duplicate either. There are some tests that should be Browser tests. I have postponed this one on the JavascriptTestBase conversion though: #2809513: Convert AJAX part of \Drupal\responsive_image\Tests\ResponsiveImageFieldUiTest to JavascriptTestBase and the rest to BrowserTestBase. We need to get that in first and then finish up this issue.

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I have no idea what I was thinking :P

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@dawehner there is some days like that.

As other postponed WTB to BTB issues, may be we could create an issue for the postponed JavascriptTestBase and at least convert what can be converted right now ?

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I looked again at the module and there are 3 tests in the module:

- 1 can be converted directly without dependencies (ResponsiveImageAdminUITest)
- 1 has at least a partial conversion to JTB (ResponsiveImageFieldUiTest)
- 1 has a dependency on image (ResponsiveImageFieldDisplayTest).

I changed the scope for this issue to only the AdminUITest, increased the scope for the JavascriptTestBase conversion and moved ResponsiveImageFieldUiTest out of this scope and into the follow-up for image (yet to be created).

Can you reroll the patch with only the ResponsiveImageAdminUITest test?

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Title: Convert web tests to browser tests for responsive_image module » Convert [1/3] web tests to browser tests for responsive_image module

I'm wondering whether we should make it clear in the title how much of the tests are gonna be converted?

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Issue tags: +phpunit initiative
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Rerolled the patch with only the ResponsiveImageAdminUITest test, as requested in #10.

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Thanks, looks good to me!

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Nice. One step towards it!

  • catch committed 3a6a71a on 8.4.x
    Issue #2863984 by Jo Fitzgerald, GoZ, michielnugter: Convert [1/3] web...
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Committed/pushed to 8.4.x, thanks!

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