In #2735045: Convert StandardTest to BrowserTestBase by introducing a AssertLegacyTrait and new assertions on the WebAssert the existing legacy asserts were moved to a new AssertLegacyTrait trait. The assertLink() method is currently public, but it should be protected. This is currently causing BTB tests to fail in contrib (see for example this test for Organic Groups.

All assertions in these traits are protected. The reason that this particular one is public is because it was added directly in a test class in the original issue where it was introduced #2331685: PHPUnit deprecated assertTag(), assertNotTag() and assertSelectEquals() and no attention was paid to the visibility.

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pfrenssen created an issue. See original summary.

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Very curious if this will cause tests in core to fail.

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RTBC +1.

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Committed aed9375 and pushed to 8.1.x and 8.2.x. Thanks!

  • alexpott committed 8e062e9 on 8.2.x
    Issue #2744089 by pfrenssen: Fix visibility of AssertLegacyTrait::...

  • alexpott committed aed9375 on 8.1.x
    Issue #2744089 by pfrenssen: Fix visibility of AssertLegacyTrait::...

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