Krystof Van Tomme and Jesse Beach were chatting at the extended sprints at DrupalCon Austin about how we could get more people to contribute to campaigns to improve and update modules. For example, the Rules module:

If you look at the current contributors to the fund, you'll see that they are mostly folks who already contribute their time. It seems imbalanced that they would also contribute their money as well. Really, we want the folks who are benefiting from the modules in contrib to have the opportunity to fund their improvements.

So, we came up with the idea of pushing campaign announcements through the update module. Just as a site administrator gets a message when a module is out of date, we could also push a message about an active funding campaign to them.

Proposed resolution

Allow module maintainers to provide a link to a campaign, and a bound time period for the funding effort. Have this information pushed out through the Update module to sites that have the module installed.

Remaining tasks

Debate the merits of this approach

User interface changes

API changes


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Jesse pinged me via my contact tab about this and I suggested we just discuss it in public. Here's the reply I sent via email:


Hi, thanks for reaching out. In principle, I agree it'd be nice to find more ways to support module maintainers, and not just via the hard core that's already giving a lot.

However, my very quick reaction: that seems like a very, very nasty can of worms to open up. I'm not thrilled for a variety of reasons:

A) Drupal itself shouldn't be sending me advertisements/solicitations for money, even if it's somehow an "official" solicitation from the maintainer(s) of a module I'm running.

B) update.module lives in core and is notoriously hard to change/modify.

C) Code complexity - update.module is already yucky, and I'm not sure there's a good way to do this.

D) d.o doesn't push messages to update.module at all. d.o just publishes feeds containing the release history for each project, and update.module figures out if the local install is out of date from the latest available releases. So, there's no great mechanism for pushing out other kinds of messages. We could potentially embed a note field in the project specific section of these feeds, but ugh. Other tools parse these feeds, too (e.g. drush). Presumably, other clients of these feeds properly ignore values they don't recognize, but we'd have to be sure that's the case.

Anyway, as you can see, this is a bit of a mess. Seems much better to discuss in a public issue than private emails.

See also #2138397: Highlight Flattr, Paypal or Whatever Opportunities on Issue Pages -- related, but I don't think you want to hijack it to discuss this particular proposal.


Adding #2138397 as a related issue. It's got some other related/referenced issues. Perhaps we need a meta issue to track all these somewhat overlapping proposals about finding more ways to support contrib development + maintenance?


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hi there from the d8rules initiative.

i will share some thoughts during the week.


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i have posted an summary of the #d8rules crowd funding campaign at our blog:

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I wonder if this isn't better handled on project pages? This could be handeld by a project browser, better than actual updates.

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Once you're using a module on your site, you might never visit its project page again. But you check the updates page in your site's admin quite regularly (or you should!).

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I would feel personally very uneasy and that it would be very inappropriate to have this being built into the update module itself. If I really wanted to I could put a message on module pages from my module itself and include it in a release.

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Having something more built into however, I'd fully support. For sites starting to look at what they'd need to port/rebuild a site in a new major version, this information could be very useful.

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I do really like this idea. Far too often we are preaching to the choir in our fundraising campaigns. Anything to bring it outside of the circle of people who are already deeply involved in the community would be a plus. The Install page is another good place for putting messages like this.

Could we define the mechanism we'd want to do this technically, and then rely on the DA to manage what to advertise?

I'm all for pointing folks to campaigns like the one for Rules. But why not have space for the DA to notify Drupal users that there is an upcoming opportunity to vote for the DA board. Why not let folks know about the next DrupalCon.

There are places where I think we could afford to do some promotion to end users:

Obviously, this could be turned off by something we could add to the settings.php, but if by default it's on we'll dramatically increase the attention available for these campaigns.

I don't think it's a bad idea to remind folks using free software that they need to feed the kittens...

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I feel really uneasy about the idea of any mention of finance (voluntary or not) through the module update system.

I absolutely have no issue at all with mentions of campaigns on the project page but please don't lets have it appearing in our websites' admin pages.

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What about just membership to the DA?

Ultimately, if we could even start with some basic messages like:

"Your contributions to the Drupal community make this possible, please join the community if you aren't already".

"Contributing bugs & patches is critical for community software, if Drupal is important to you, please find a way to give back".

"DrupalCon LA is going to be great, we hope you're able to make it".

"Check out the community spotlight this month where we highlighted some pretty amazing contributors"

"Want to learn more about Drupal, here are some amazing resources"

"Thinking about Drupal 8, why not try installing it now"

"What is a global sprint anyways? How can I participate where I am"

"Core office hours are happening later this week, put it in your calendar now"

"We wanted to congratulate everyone who made it to BADCAmp who helps make Drupal such a great community."

Most of these probably aren't useful, but..... They are just popcorn ideas. Let's find some good ones we can agree on and go for it.

Or let's put our faith in the DA to write the messaging for this and just give them the mandate to use this space.

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I absolutely think this is wrong. Complete -1000 from me, please won't fix this, and move onto contrib.

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Yeah, I don't think our software should be a sales channel, Drupal Association, community, or otherwise.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

I think that is a pretty strong consensus.