This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

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Drop Jobs is a distribution aimed at creating an extensible, fully-functional and robust job search website using Drupal 7.

It is somewhat similar to the Recruiter distribution in concept but has to fundamental architectural differences and aims to go much further as far as feature implementations and offering a more complete out-of-the box experience which more closely resembles current job search portals.

Get involved!

Join the Drop Jobs group!

We need you! Whether you'd like to help testing and filing issues, fixing issues and submitting patches, writing tests or writing documentation we would love to work with you!!!
Want to be a co-maintainer? Awesome!

File an issue or use my contact form (alexweber) and I'll try to get back asap.


  • Candidate profiles (Résumés)
  • Recruiter profiles
  • Organizations
  • Job listings
  • Favorite jobs and résumés
  • Fully faceted job and résumé searches
  • Job applications
  • Saved searches
  • Job/résumé recommendations
  • Subscription plans
  • Charts and reports
  • Beautiful admin panel and user dashboards
  • (Optional) Apache Solr integration


Although we take as best care we can to using update hooks whenever we make a change in order to ensure smooth upgrading, there will not be a supported upgrade path until we have a stable release. I.e.: expect an upgrade path from beta1 to beta2, to beta3, etc, but not between alphas or from any alpha to beta1.

Simply put: this is a work in progress and upgrading between unstable releases WILL break your site.


The maintainer provides consulting services and paid development, e.g. for implementing a specific feature. Help improve the distribution and contact me!

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