This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


Based on a GPL licensed wordpress theme.

Original Wordpress Theme Link

Drupal version includes support for modules (ie. There is no need to manually edit the theme files when using the following modules:)

Additional block regions (triple footer blocks and double block regions in the lower right sidebar) shall be added when the block regions can be configured without issue.

Drixel was formerly known as the Pixeled theme and has been renamed to avoid infringing a pre-registered trademark that was not known at the time of the theme conversion to Drupal.

If you have used an Alpha 14 (or earlier) and have now installed an Alpha15 (or later,) you may have 2 folders: 'Pixeled' and 'drixel.' For those with 2 folders in the themes directory (Pixeled and drixel) please delete the Pixeled folder in your theme directory.

As of Alpha 14 there should only be a 'drixel' folder in your themes directory. The info file still retains the name Pixeled to avoid theme upgrade issues.

---> I am updating the theme to an HTML 5 theme which when ready shall be published on and use the name Drixel5

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