This module facilitates the management of permissions, it allows you to exclude roles and modules from the management screen.

The management page uses ajax to load the relevant permissions, you have to select at least one role and at least one module, otherwise you don't get any results. Both roles and modules can be filtered to make the selection easier.

You can also filter the permissions before and after fetching them.

The code is a bit rough, but is working. It also doubles as a show case on how javascript can be used to improve the user experience.

This module was created to sites having lots of user roles (20+) and lots of permissions (300+). On one of our client site the permissions page contained more than 32.000 checkboxes, basically making the page useless.


- #2646772: Add confirmation/error messages
- #2646774: Use localstorage to store the last selection
- #2646776: Add 'Select all/none' to roles and modules
- #2646780: Filter permissions as well
- #2646782: Add option to override default permission page
- #2647276: Improve javascript
- #2647016: Make sure it works without javascript as well
- #2646822: Add spinner while loading/saving
- #2646806: Improve styling in Seven
- #2647492: Add tests
- #2647728: Port to Drupal 8

A quick overview can be found on our blog.

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