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WYGIWYDWTW - What You Get Is What You Don't Want To Write

This is a tiny, yet useful module, which adds a filter, to facilitate linking to projects.

Lots of us blog about Drupal projects, or mention them in our forum discussions. Linking to a Drupal project, each time it is mentioned is a bit of a pain. This filter lets you write something like "views.module", and it generates a link to views module page (

The following formats are all the same, and are provided for ease of read/write: name.module, name.theme, name.translation, name.installprofile and name.project


Video :

New in the 6.x-2.x branch:

This version now uses update.module, if it is activated, to fetch real project names, so instead of having a link like this:
you will now have a link like this: project link filter

If a such a project does not exist, it simply ignores it.

If update.module is disabled, the filter will turn all the usable patterns it finds, and turns them into links, regardless of whether a project of that name really exists.

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