This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Allows overriding page nodes on a domain-specific basis.


  • Provides an "Override" tab on node pages that removes the current domain from the node's domain access, clones the node, and publishes the clone to only the current domain.
  • Copies translations of the node being overridden (if any), too, so they're considered translations of the newly created node.
  • Sidesteps need to use multiple url_alias tables (with Domain Prefix). Makes Drupal interpret the URL alias for a node that's been overridden as a path to this domain's version of the node. Example: node 1 (the node at node/1) is published to all domains with the URL alias contact-us. You visit the node from the subdomain "cats" and select the "Override" tab. Now a new node has been created (node 2), that's published only to the "cats" subdomain, and node 1 is no longer published to the "cats" subdomain. When you visit http://site/contact-us you'll see the content of node 1. However, when you visit, you'll see the content of node 2 -- node 1's override.


  • Drupal 6.x
  • Domain Access (domain)
  • (Recommendation) URL Alter (url_alter)


Install like any other contrib module. Read more about installing modules at


  • Domain Override implements custom_url_rewrite_inbound(), or implements it as a hook if url_alter module is installed.
  • This module does nothing to transform (override) node reference fields or which nodes are selected by Views.
  • When you've viewing an overridden page (e.g., you may notice that, though your browser is at the /contact-us URL, the node's View tab links to /node/2 (that is, directly to the overridden node). This is expected behavior. How exactly this could be changed -- what behavior would be "better" -- seems like a big, loaded question.
  • There's no way to remove (or manually create) entries in the domain_override database table. This is the database table that tracks which nodes are overrides of other nodes, and for which domain.


Error message "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare custom_url_rewrite_inbound()"

This problem may also manifest as a WSOD (white screen of death).

  • Problem: There's already a module installed that provides the custom_url_rewrite_inbound() function.
  • Solution: Install the url_alter module.


The Domain Override module is developed and maintained by OpenSourcery.

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