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Language selection

Domain Locale allows to customize language sets per domain for Drupal installs using Domain Access and core Locale module. This module also offers drush integration.

You need this module if:

  • you want a different default language on different domains.
  • you want a different language set for each different domain.

For example:

If you have multiple domains such as:

A link is added to domain management section to administer domain specific languages. You can choose one or more from the enabled languages, change the weight they appear in for that domain and set default language for the domain. Updating this form will also keep language_default variable in Domain Conf in sync.

Things to keep in mind:
Set language negotiation to "Path prefix only" (URL in Drupal 7). We are overriding $language in bootstrap hence overwriting any changes that might of been user's preferred language specific. Also user's preferred language might not exist all domains. You can leave the setting to "Path prefix with language fallback" but the language fallback will be overwritten.

1. make sure all languages have a prefix (by default English does not). This gives unique urls for all languages on all domains.

Drush commands (D7):


drush domain-locale-set domain_machine_name 'list of language codes' --defalt=language code
Eg.: drush domain-locale-set 'en es' --default=en



  • Drush Language - add new languanges to Drupal via drush. This module makes your life easier because you need a language already on the system in order to be enabled in a domain using Domain Locale.


- This project was originally developed by:

Katrin Silvius nonsie

- D7 port:

released by Mac_Weber after clen up, fix and code standardization of a code provided by emilkarl and other developers from the great Drupal community
#1124726: Domain Locale: D7 port

Thank you everyone contributing!

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