This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Dokeos-Drupal integration

This module is abandoned. If you are looking for a module with similar features, see Chamilo integration.

This project integrates Drupal with Dokeos LMS by providing ways to see Dokeos resources into Drupal blocks.

- SSO (Single Sign ON)
- One way account synchronization: Drupal -> Dokeos (Under development)
- Per user API keys, allows user to perform actions from Drupal to their Dokeos account
- Global API key, allows Drupal system to perform actions to Dokeos system using a Dokeos admin account
- Three blocks: Dokeos trainings, My Dokeos agenda and My Dokeos trainings

Developed by:
- ywarnier, lead developer of Dokeos.
- marvil07
- fcedillo
- develCuy

This module will works only with Dokeos 1.8.6 and was initially a result of Drupal Péru Jam 2008-10-18.

Sponsored by

Dokeos Latinoamerica, CONDESAN and Drupal Perú

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