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Project update

I have been involved in D&D Next playtesting, and have decided to begin a new version of this module to support the new version of D&D. I have also made the decision to move away from being Features-based (see an issue below) in the process. Fear not, as I plan to build an upgrade path to move 1.x (D&D 3.x) characters to 2.x (D&D Next). Ambitious, maybe, but necessary.


This module provides a new content type called dnd_character to allow users to store their player characters for Dungeons and Dragons. This is node package which contains the fields and content type needed to manage the character.

This module is not a character generator, and does not (currently) enforce many of the rules. It is merely a record-keeping utility at this point. Future plans are to impose SRD rules and provide a way to add house rules, but this isn't currently available.

This project also contains two additional modules: D&D Fields and D&D Character Sheet.

This is intended for use for D&D 3.x.

D&D Fields

D&D Fields is a Fields API module that provides new field types specific for Dungeons and Dragons. These new fields include:

  • Ability scores
  • Class/Level (for managing levels for single and multi-class characters)
  • Skills
  • Saving throws
  • Armor
  • Weapons

This module comes with D&D Character, but can be used alone, so you can create your own D&D-oriented content types (for NPCs, villains, etc.).

D&D Character Sheet

This module provides a D&D character sheet in PDF format. This uses the D&D Character content type to store all the data for the character, and displays the stored values. It makes no attempt to derive any values (such as the total attack bonus from modifiers, strength ability, and base attack values).


Notes about uninstalling

Please see this issue:
Since this is a Features-based set of modules, a content type and many fields are created. When uninstalling the module, these fields and the content type are not automatically removed. This has to be done manually, which can be very time consuming. I'm currently working on a cleaner method of uninstalling.

As of beta2, the D&D Character module cleans up after itself pretty nicely. There is still an issue when Entity module is enabled and how that interferes with purging deleted field tables.

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