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This is a simple module that allows you to disemvowel comments on your Drupal site. Disemvoweling is a moderating technique used where vowels are stripped from inappropriate comments. This makes the comments harder to read, sends clear message to the community about what is undesirable content and at the same time does not censor content. This module will integrate with Drupal's action/trigger system as well as Flag/VotingAPI.

For example, this original sentence:

In the fields of Internet discussion and forum moderation, disemvoweling (also spelled disemvowelling) is the removal of vowels from text.

would be disemvowelled to look like this:

n th flds f ntrnt dscssn nd frm mdrtn, dsmvwlng (ls splld dsmvwllng) s th rmvl f vwls frm txt.

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Comment bury/promote - Offers disemvoweling as the 'bury' functionality. But this does not have any Drupal 6 version and does not integrate very well with Drupal's actions system, the base comments system, or VotingAPI. This module is a simplification and more Drupal-integrated module with just the disemvoweling functionality.

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