This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

DigiDoc files are XML containers of digitally signed files (see more: This module strips the container file
and presents the files from within the DigiDoc wrapper without the metadata. If there are more than one files a zip archive is created and presented. This is useful and sometimes even required for not disclosing the signers personal information inside the metadata to third parties.

To-do (or why the alpha version)

Permissions who can see the actual ddoc files, currently everybody with permission to download the file have access (maybe this is not needed).
Configuration options on what streams this is enabled, currently the the module works on private:// and public:// streams.
bdoc file support.


SimpleXML, enabled by default since PHP 5.1.2
Zip Archive PHP >= 5.2.0


Standard Drupal module installation.

No configuration options, just enable it.

To prevent direct access to DigiDocs in public files add following lines to
the .htaccess file in the public files folder (usually sites/default/files):

<Files ~ "\.(d|D)(d|D)(o|O)(c|C)$">
  Order allow,deny
  Deny from all


Content reminder is also up on GitHub: Feel free to fork it ;)


This project has been sponsored by: Mekaia | Drupal web development based in Estonia


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