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SHA-1: 36881181e9d099c3acc19c31e66c3057120a14a2
SHA-256: 6a8a75057e54e30b407f073378bb893cd4a555b0df175267c3da583c6b6f238f
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SHA-1: 6834ad1f3ced49bd9b8cde295d81d5cae2841487
SHA-256: 330c2b3db8a3a2bb1c1ffff346981150d65f96d02f71be45a4b69c93457572da
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Release info

Created by: Alan D.
Created on: 15 Jul 2012 at 08:57 UTC
Last updated: 23 Apr 2017 at 12:19 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Latest developmental Snapshot

Changes since 7.x-3.2

These include a potpourri of various bug fixes and new features, including some minor CSS changes, slightly better I18n (includes some string changes).

This release should fully support PHP 7.

#2421463: Render revision as entity by markusbroman
#2399579: A diff is erroneously displayed whenever an HTML ID generated by drupal_html_id() is used in the rendered entity by David_Rothstein, Alan D.
#2637908: diff_field_diff_view() returns results even if the entity has no field values in the requested language by David_Rothstein, Alan D.
#2667654: Wrong redirect when coming from admin/content by caminadaf, Alan D.
#2401143: In sanitized [node:diff] token, table HTML is escaped by smokris
#2829781: Provide ability to restrict the 'View changes' button by joelpittet, Alan D.
#2117133: Change "This is the published revision" by Alan D., gmclelland, hass
#1964018: Don't use $reset flag with node_load() by jweowu, Alan D.
#2377565: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in diff_process_state_lines() by anrikun, merlinofchaos
#2533058: Spelling errors in D7 by rrfegade
#2640478: Deprecating PHP4 style constructors by heddn
#2557287: Logic to show inline differences on certain node types does not work. by jastraat
#2068015: Radios missing by Amathieso, Tilo, Alan D.
#1982432: Remove excessive empty line in marked-down diff by Pancho, Alan D.
#1970872: Add permissions help for admin theme setting by Alan D.
#239056: Fixed path to the latest diff (and handle case when there is only 1 revision) by Leeteq, smokris & Alan D.
#1838364: Minor admin Default display settings error by Alan D.
#1893766: Highlight published revision in diff compare table by hass, torpy
#2101391: File Entity Improvements by haydeniv, Alan D.
#1951546: Inline Diff incorrectly identifies an addition as a change within a table cell bu El Bandito, Alan D.
#2110371: Providing User entity support by Alan D.
#2109905: Extending node comparison to optionally include status, sticky, promoted, revision timestamp and title. by Alan D.
#1708696: Diff between two different entities by Alan D.
#2109725: Redundant table row when empty. Why do we need to "keep safari happy" by Alan D.
#1995962: Link to config page not showing in modules list by Pat Redmond
#2021651: API ref for hook_entity_diff_alter() doesn't list $entity_diffs as by ref by BrockBoland
#1894120: Use of scalar class instead of an array in attributes array. by michael_cristal, Alan D.
#2077853: Slight change to diff_entity_fields_diff() so it is more re-usable from hook_entity_diff by douggreen, Alan D.
#1280880: Diff module Features integration by crea, Angry Dan, Alan D.


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