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This module provides integration of 2GIS services with Drupal.

The main module contains the settings form, which includes

  • API key
  • Language
  • City by default
  • Version of the API

Tools for working with API are available in the code of the module. Functions which you can use for your needs.

Submodule 2GIS Maps

Provides configurable drupal block with 2GIS Map
You can specify center and zoom level for each map.
Also you can add and remove markers with balloons to each map.

Also module provides new field type - 2GIS Maps. You can add 2GIS Maps into your entities via this field.

Submodule 2GIS Catalog

Provides integration with Drupal Views. Contains plugin query and all the handlers to display the catalog of organizations 2GIS on the pages of your site without code.
All data is relevant to the database 2GIS from the cloud.
There are an opportunity to do the sorting, filters and page navigation.

Related modules:

  • https://www.drupal.org/project/amocrm_widget (contains the dgis_amocrm_widget module, which provides you the widget of the 2GIS for AmoCRM, contains the dgis_amocrm_import module, which provides you BO interface to send companies into the AmoCRM)

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